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Graceland Insiders Gift Subscription: Graceland Insiders - Basic Membership

Wondering about a gift for that a special friend and Elvis fan? Maybe we have the answer...

The 'Graceland Insiders Gift Subscription' enables you to buy someone a year's subscription.

· Personalized Membership Card · Graceland Insiders Membership Pin
· Access to Members-only website including artifact of week, exclusive videos, members only news, message board and more
· 10% discount at ShopGraceland.com and ShopElvis.com
· 10% discount for Graceland tickets and all shops/restaurants at Graceland
· $3.00 off Graceland parking
· Access to Event Pre-sales
· Access to Members-only Contests

PLUS, the Graceland Insiders will enjoy the following NEW benefits:
· First-access to New Exhibits at Graceland
· First-Look Video Content
- $21.99 (includes shipping)

How does it work? When you buy a friend a gift subscription, we email you an electronic gift certificate. When you email this to your friend, they use it to subscribe and get access to all areas on the site.


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